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2015-05-17 16.11.26The Magic Bus

This fabulous Unicorn, (painted by Candy from the Yoga Forest near San Marcos), is my symbol for the Magic Bus. I am on it now and intend to stay. Most of my life has been on the hard bus, even though I have had a most wonderful life full of adventure.

I have been accused of always doing things the hard way, with a pick and a shovel, when an easier way was at hand. Something in me preferred the chance to use my body and my strength and prove I could DO IT! I realized it was an addiction to showing my strength and resiliance. It is something I need to always be aware of, like any addiction.

There are three busses in life. They are the hard bus, the easy bus and the magic bus. (courtesy of Keith Wilson, with my interpretation)

The Hard Bus:- many of us make unconscious decisions that make our life hard. There are many choices available in any moment but because you have blinders on, you can only see the one that fits with your belief system. If your belief system sees life as being hard and challenging, it is the only option you can see. You honestly believe that’s “how it is.” And it is…. for YOU.

The Easy Bus:- when you start to realize that you are at choice in your life, you begin to get on the easy bus. To release old perceptions and consciously make decisions, you begin to create your reality. To see the world as your mirror and know that it is all your reflection is awful at first. Owning that I am not the victim in my story, is a profound step. Instead knowing you have made choices that created pain gives you the chance to begin cleaning up your life to see other options and realities. The easy bus is not easy at first but IS the way out. Owning it all means there is no OTHER.

The Magic Bus:- Taking full responsibility for my life, I now have the choice to see the Synchronicity in every movement. Nothing is random in the Universe. Everything has a perfect purpose. A bird flying over, workers hammering in my space in the early morning, a car breakdown… all are messages I can choose to glean gold from. Every event, large and small invites me to surrender into a magical life by flowing with it. Letting the flow of life guide me, requires huge trust and surrender. And it is SO worth it.

Guidance from the Universal Flow looks like Synchronicity, which is sometimes called “coincidence.” (by those who do not yet understand) Events happen effortlessly that are more perfect than we could possibly plan. When you have the eyes to see, the Universal Flow is always speaking to you, guiding you and wanting the very best for you – the magic for you.

The challenge is your mind. It will get in the way if you allow it. The mind will explain away a magical moment and make you believe you are just making it up.

I was invited to Costa Rica through a magical meeting with a young man when he attended my cacao ceremony in San Marcos. Synchronicity: in the moment I knew it was magical and felt a sparkling energy with our heart connection; he knew my former Reiki teacher and friend who lived in the same town; he was keen and kind and I kept seeing him every day, just meeting him on the street (apparently randomly).

My head and other people said, Costa Rica is expensive; it’s time to begin going north to return to Canada, not further south to Costa Rica; how do you know people will want ceremony….. and on and on.

Then I met Hannah (apparently randomly) at the Bhakti Festival of Consciousness at the Mystical Yoga Farm and we had a strong connection. We spent several hours just chatting and realizing many similiarities including that we were both invited to Costa Rica, both created women’s sacred spaces and were both intending to embrace the magic possibilities in our lives.

We realized that something greater was happening and that we were being asked to go to Puerto Viejo. We began to ask, is this a magic bus decision or a hard bus one. For example: how to get from Lake Atitlan to the far south east side of Costa Rica near the Panama border with a small budget? One way flights were crazy expensive; catching a ride was a possibility made more challenging since Hannah had dates to begin teaching yoga when she needed to be there; catching a chicken bus was definitely the hard bus and even a modern comfy coach was a nearly 70 hour trip. We just kept saying yes, without making any decisions. Then Thomas sent a link to an airline offering a one way fare with one short stop, for two thirds the price of a 70 hour bus ride. Very affordable and magical. The Magic Bus CAN have wings!!

Yes, but where shall we stay when we are there… expensive…. then an offer of a place to stay at first and then a large house to rent with space enough for ceremonies and reasonable enough sharing the cost with no rental fee for space for cacao ceremonies.

On the way, the airline would not check is in at Guatemala City unless we had a flight out of the country. I checked the nearby check in desks at the airport. My internet would not connect. $870.00 US was the price. Hannah kept asking for a magic bus and her internet connected, and up popped a flight from San Jose to Victoria on Vancouver Island in Canada for $205. US. Magical. Booked. Universe said five weeks in Costa Rica and then you are both needed in Canada. Accepted. Gratefully.

Now, being in Puerto Viejo for one week, with the first cacao ceremony set up for Sunday, we have had the gift of time and the wonderful connections continue. I am so grateful to everyone I spent time with in San Marcos, especially Keith, Barbara, Isais, Joanna, all the men and women who attended my ceremonies, Tanner and Kristin, Thomas Love Power, Rosalie, Paul and the Hanuman crew and so many, many others. If our paths have crossed, I wish you a magical passage on your journey…

Stay in gratitude, and keep saying YES to what feels good to YOU. Commit to saying yes, only to what feels true.  Say no to what others might want for you or try to guilt you into going along with. Saying no is one of the hardest things but saying yes when it is not true will take you off the magic bus. Yes, magic bus please. To stay so grateful and aligned with open hearts and saying yes to ourselves will keep the flow strong. Sometimes there is a lull where it seems like no action is happening and that is all part of the flow too. It can give us time to rest, process and recouperate and catch our breath.

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  1. Hi Cori – Great to hear from you and the wonderful wisdom to get on the Magic Bus. Thanks for reminding me to honor the true yes and “surrender into a magical life by flowing with it. Letting the flow of life guide me, requires huge trust and surrender. And it is SO worth it.” YES – YES – YES!
    Sending you lots of love, Barbara

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