Noon on Nose Hill

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This rainy cool weather makes me wimpy. Break out of the blahs and book a walk to honor the Earth for Sept 21, Fall Equinox. But it can’t be Fall when there’s been no Summer in Calgary. It’s here so I donned warm clothes, a rain jacket and set off.

Surprisingly, the grey weeping morning turned fresh and beautiful, the rain stopping for my arrival and the whole hour I was trekking, Spirit Drum slung over my shoulder, a goodly portion of tobacco and my small travelling rattle in my pocket.

What a gift to see the beautiful plants thriving with all the extra moisture. Ripe rose hips side by side with newly formed wild rose blooms and spent blossoms not yet turned into hips; two kinds of sage grow abundantly;etc etc

Meandering up the hill in gratitude for this gift of life we share and for family, friends and critters of all sorts, it seemed appropriate to offer tobacco liberally as reciprocity for all our Earth provides. At the top, I sang and drummed, rattling my request for sacred space. Two ravens made their presence known, as they chatted back and forth nearby. One returned later swooping in a large circle above my head. A true gift from Spirit.

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