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Cacao Healing Ceremony: What is cacao, really, and what is the relationship between chocolate and cacao?? Many of us love chocolate and eat it often, perhaps seeking something deeper from it. Cacao is the unprocessed form of chocolate, in other words, the bean. In the last few years, the “Holy Bean” has re-emerged and is becoming known for its health benefits, as a super food, and an extreme activity enhancer. Cacao is considered sacred. It was regularly consumed by royalty and other rulers hundreds of years ago in Central and South America.Cacao is a ‘superfood’ that is high in antioxidants. It can be eaten daily with important health benefits like lowering blood pressure. It gives strength and stamina with activities like hiking, cycling, surfing, climbing and even yoga. A ceremonial dose is a larger amount, taken in a liquid form, sweetened to taste. The majority of cacao available world wide comes from Africa and Brazil, and each variety has its own unique qualities. There are Guatemalan varieties of cacao bean that have higher levels of active ingredients (4x the usual beans) and lower caffeine.

In this new wave of human consciousness, cacao can assist with spiritual evolution during sacred healing ceremonies. Cacao is a deep connector, partnering with you in a gentle way that opens your heart, helps you love and take better care of yourself. It opens a door of possibility inside you, but does not push you through. You stay at choice. Going through the door leads you to whatever is ready to be transformed in your life, to let your magnificence shine. It can also help you to connect with and use your authentic voice, to speak your truth. It is truly a magical tool for journeying and shamanic use. Be a part of this healing movement that is spreading across the globe.

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 Full Moon Fire: The fire ceremony is oldest ritual known. It is a rite of renewal and transformation after release and purification. We have the opportunity to release what is no longer serving in our lives and we may ask for something new to come. We  honor many indigenous traditions in setting the fire and opening sacred space.

We often have pre-fire drumming, songs, and Shamanic journeying. Bring your own drum or rattle if you have one.

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