Stinging Nettles are a Blessing

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This gift from the plant kingdom was brought to me a few months ago. It goes so far beyond accidentally touching it in the wild. This amazing wild ‘weed’ is loaded with bio-available nutrients to restore health to every cell in your body. It can be found worldwide at a very reasonable price. According to Susun Weed’s research, nettle contains all minerals and vitamins needed for health of the body, except B12. It is strengthening and tonifying to kidneys/adrenals, lungs, intestines, arteries, liver and circulatory system. And for baby boomers, it even re-builds and...

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Cacao Ceremony with Truffles

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Cacao Ceremony With Truffles The healing cacao ceremonies are so enjoyable for me. Thanks to everyone who has been coming. I am meeting wonderful new friends and reconnecting with friends and family I have not seen in awhile. The following recipe for truffles was promised to the group who attended the first ceremony in Vancouver. Truffles are exquisite with the guatemalan or really any other chocolate. This recipe has been a favorite for at least ten years. I have now calculated how to incorporate one chocolate drink, one bean and one truffle into the equation to make up a ceremonial dose. It...

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Emmanuel’s Healing Journey

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The Firecracker Kid!! The first Sunday in January, I decided to take the new people down to the area where a couple of moringa olifera trees grow. I wanted to add it to our smoothie and show them where it grows. It is a local super food, considered to be loaded with nutrients.  On the way back with our cache, two local ladies struck up a conversation, asking us what we were planning to do with the moringa. Then they asked us where we were going. When we told them the Sanctuary, one of them ran home, across the street, to get her son, Emmanuel. The previous evening he had been severly burned...

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Dairy Free?? Why??

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The first reason I have chosen to be dairy free is ACTING on what I have known for so many years. Dairy does not agree with me, even though I have enjoyed the cheese, cream and butter. How could my life be lived and enjoyed without such normally accepted foods?? I endured the phlegm in my  throat in order to eat some things that seemed to make my life more tasty. Since my second  liver cleanse, I have no more cravings or really any desire to eat such foods. My body really is happy with the cleaner foods I have been eating which have taken me on a Vegan trail. It is brand new for me. Being...

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Liver Cleanse!!

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Mid June of 2013 I began my first of a series of three liver cleanses. I used a kit that I ordered online. I have been aware that my liver was not happy since 1999. I saw “liver spots” popping up on my cheeks and forearms even before that. But once we returned from our trip to Asia, I had an even bigger spot appear on my cheek. Red Flag!! Some medical people call them age spots and say there is nothing we can do about them. I have never believed that and have completed liver cleanses before but none reaped such great rewards with such ease as the one I started  in...

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Health = REAL Wealth

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  “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”   Gandhi   Health has been my passion for more than 40 years. Combing  thousands of books for tidbits of wisdom and applying them in my own life and  my children’s is how I lived my life. All the simple, tried and true ideas I wish to share have been used, hands on, with success. It can be overwhelming to sort through reams of  information and MIS information. Seeing the criteria both for and against the same situation makes many people throw up their hands in despair. Where can...

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