Cacao Ceremony with Truffles

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Cacao Ceremony With Truffles The healing cacao ceremonies are so enjoyable for me. Thanks to everyone who has been coming. I am meeting wonderful new friends and reconnecting with friends and family I have not seen in awhile. The following recipe for truffles was promised to the group who attended the first ceremony in Vancouver. Truffles are exquisite with the guatemalan or really any other chocolate. This recipe has been a favorite for at least ten years. I have now calculated how to incorporate one chocolate drink, one bean and one truffle into the equation to make up a ceremonial dose. It...

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Cacao Healing Ceremony

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  What is cacao, really, and what is the relationship between chocolate and cacao?? Many of us love chocolate and eat it often, perhaps seeking something deeper from it. Cacao is the unprocessed form of chocolate, in other words, the bean. In the last few years, the “Holy Bean” has re-emerged and is becoming known for its health benefits, as a super food, and an extreme activity enhancer. Cacao is considered sacred. It was regularly consumed by royalty and other rulers hundreds of years ago in Central and South America.   This fascinated me. I always love to...

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