Cacao Healing Ceremony Video

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Greetings!! I was asked to offer more information to those interested in the ancient practice of drinking a ceremonial dose of cacao. What actually happens at a cacao ceremony? My upcoming short story about my cacao experiences will fill in many of these questions. This includes the song that came from the Spirit of Cacao, shortly after my foray to Guatemala to meet the Chocolate Shaman. It also includes the poem that came later on in the summer. My love affair with cacao continues… Here is the video: http:// Hasta...

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Cacao Ceremony with Truffles

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Cacao Ceremony With Truffles The healing cacao ceremonies are so enjoyable for me. Thanks to everyone who has been coming. I am meeting wonderful new friends and reconnecting with friends and family I have not seen in awhile. The following recipe for truffles was promised to the group who attended the first ceremony in Vancouver. Truffles are exquisite with the guatemalan or really any other chocolate. This recipe has been a favorite for at least ten years. I have now calculated how to incorporate one chocolate drink, one bean and one truffle into the equation to make up a ceremonial dose. It...

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Cacao Healing Ceremony

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  What is cacao, really, and what is the relationship between chocolate and cacao?? Many of us love chocolate and eat it often, perhaps seeking something deeper from it. Cacao is the unprocessed form of chocolate, in other words, the bean. In the last few years, the “Holy Bean” has re-emerged and is becoming known for its health benefits, as a super food, and an extreme activity enhancer. Cacao is considered sacred. It was regularly consumed by royalty and other rulers hundreds of years ago in Central and South America.   This fascinated me. I always love to...

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Fantastic February in Puerto

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The silent retreat, although it was only three days, was very powerful for me. I have been meditating since the age of 16 yet have not had a daily practice for many years. Now I have. The meditating with a focus on my heart is so beaufiul and nourishing that I would not miss meditating now.  The silent retreat will bring up issues and one can burn through them just by being with them. The common ones are anger, fear, longing, tiredness. During one segment, I had a strong realization that my issue was LONGING. This means not being content to be where you are but are longing for lunch, for the...

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Emmanuel’s Healing Journey

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The Firecracker Kid!! The first Sunday in January, I decided to take the new people down to the area where a couple of moringa olifera trees grow. I wanted to add it to our smoothie and show them where it grows. It is a local super food, considered to be loaded with nutrients.  On the way back with our cache, two local ladies struck up a conversation, asking us what we were planning to do with the moringa. Then they asked us where we were going. When we told them the Sanctuary, one of them ran home, across the street, to get her son, Emmanuel. The previous evening he had been severly burned...

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2014 – The Warmest January Ever – for Me

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2014 – The Warmest January Ever – for Me This is quite a change for me as 98 % of my winters have had snow and wintery cold temperatures. Days here average about 30 degrees C. It is a wonderful change for me and I have adapted well. The Sanctuary is a five minute walk up the hill from the ocean. It is a perfect location as we get much appreciated breezes at night. Most of the time I simply cover up with a sheet which is enough. There have only been a few nights where I needed more. I committed to stay for 4 months and have already been here for half that. Wow, how quickly 2014 is...

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