Cori’s Book and CD

Vision Quest invites you on a long awaited journey of connection… connection with nature… with self… with Source. In relating her firsthand experience of the ancient practice of the Vision Quest, Cori Ellingson brings to life the trials and tribulations of her solitary trip into nature and the insight and guidance she discovers on her amazing spiritual quest. From the mysteries of the preparation steps, the synchronicity of meeting the guide and the synthesis unfolding in the days of silence on the mountain, Cori magically weaves a spellbinding tale of her odyssey of discovery and gently unfolds a way of seeing the world with new eyes. She has been a student on the Shamanic path since the early 1990’s, studying the mysterious lives of the ancient Hawaiian people as well as the South American Medicine Wheel of the Incas of Peru and the ways of the North American Plains Native people. This calling began to make sense in late 2008 when a family secret revealed Cree roots through her Maternal Grandmother. Read Vision Quest.


At a chanting workshop on Vancouver Island facilitated by Cori, the final day became a magical event, when an abundance of dragonflies kept landing gently upon our bare hands and legs as we chanted & drummed near a wildlife sanctuary. They are truly ancient beings, thought to be here for over 180 million years. Their keynote is The Power of Light. “Let there be light” is the divine prompting to use creative imagination as a force within our lives. This is part of what dragonflies & damselflies teach us and why we chose the name of our group. Contact Cori for a copy.