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Cacao Ceremony Testimonials

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Blogs | 0 comments

Cacao CeremonyTestimonials “I enjoyed the cacao ceremony so much, and appreciate your commitment & dedication and the personal work you do that really make the ceremony so effective and transformative.”K.P. Duncan, BC “Fabulous!!! I can’t express how blessed I feel to have been able to participate in the evening. It was so much fun, so nurturing and has left such a peaceful imprint on my heart! Thank you!”J. L. Duncan, BC “We were grateful to be able to attend the ceremony friday night and I really enjoyed the truffles! They were a great addition to the drink and trying a...

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Stinging Nettles are a Blessing

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

This gift from the plant kingdom was brought to me a few months ago. It goes so far beyond accidentally touching it in the wild. This amazing wild ‘weed’ is loaded with bio-available nutrients to restore health to every cell in your body. It can be found worldwide at a very reasonable price. According to Susun Weed’s research, nettle contains all minerals and vitamins needed for health of the body, except B12. It is strengthening and tonifying to kidneys/adrenals, lungs, intestines, arteries, liver and circulatory system. And for baby boomers, it even re-builds and...

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The Costa Rican Cacao Jungle

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015 in Blogs | 0 comments

What a great invitation came my way this week. After a tea, snacks and a dark rich drink of cacao, we set off to see a new friend’s property. Prowling through the jungle, we went to the space where she intends to begin building her home. A lovely clearing is the spot for the house and only one tree of the many, many growing there, will need to come down and will be used in the construction. It is so wonderful to meet people who are open minded and are creating the world they want to live in by their daily actions. To build with sustainable materials in a respectful manner, after deeply...

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Which Bus are You On?

Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Blogs | 1 comment

The Magic Bus This fabulous Unicorn, (painted by Candy from the Yoga Forest near San Marcos), is my symbol for the Magic Bus. I am on it now and intend to stay. Most of my life has been on the hard bus, even though I have had a most wonderful life full of adventure. I have been accused of always doing things the hard way, with a pick and a shovel, when an easier way was at hand. Something in me preferred the chance to use my body and my strength and prove I could DO IT! I realized it was an addiction to showing my strength and resiliance. It is something I need to always be aware of, like...

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Cacao Healing Ceremony Video

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in Blogs | 0 comments

Greetings!! I was asked to offer more information to those interested in the ancient practice of drinking a ceremonial dose of cacao. What actually happens at a cacao ceremony? My upcoming short story about my cacao experiences will fill in many of these questions. This includes the song that came from the Spirit of Cacao, shortly after my foray to Guatemala to meet the Chocolate Shaman. It also includes the poem that came later on in the summer. My love affair with cacao continues… Here is the video: Hasta...

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