"Connect with your Inner Wisdom and Truth"



Cori Ellingson was born, raised and lived most of her life in the Peace River Country in Northern BC and Alberta, Canada. Growing up in a large family of unique, free thinkers opened the door to worlds of possibilities. Deeply philosophical, she tended to put pen to paper and with the remoteness of the north, books became her doorway to the world.

A lifelong learner, Cori has immersed herself in various studies from health and personal growth to spirituality. As a stay at home mother on a grain farm, she had her part in raising three wonderful children, while riding horses, gardening and living close to the earth. Learn More.


My life has been rich in wonderful, interesting areas of learning. I am focusing more on quality and less on quantity as I continue to simplify my days.

I occasionally offer drumming circles, relational presence evenings, hawaiian chanting classes and other Earth-honoring ceremonies.

One on one session focus on working with the power of creation in the present moment. Drawing from various modalities intuitively, my intention is to be a catalyst connecting one with the power within for self-healing, self-love and empowerment.


Full Moon Fire: The fire ceremony is oldest ritual known. It is a rite of renewal and transformation after release and purification. We have the opportunity to release what is no longer serving in our lives and we may ask for something new to come. We  honor many indigenous traditions in setting the fire and opening sacred space.

We often have pre-fire drumming, songs, and Shamanic journeying. Bring your own drum or rattle if you have one.

Email me for more information about Full Moon Fire.